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Beautiful Interactions.



We make a difference every day - in people's lives and in people's spaces. That's worth the investment of energy and resources.


Cleaning Alumni

The transformation in my life was 5% counsellor, 5% Church, 5% social worker and 85% Hope Cleaning.



I consider it my ministry to give these ladies an opportunity and a job.


Corporate Client

Building Manager

Keeping a gym spotless can be a challenge, but not for Hope Cleaning! The team at Hope Cleaning worked with us to tailor their services to meet the specific needs of our corporate fitness center, and we could not be happier with the way our facility has been maintained. Their friendly cleaning staff go above and beyond to keep our facility spotless and we really appreciate the environmentally friendly products they use.


Hope Street Real Estate Corp.

Hope Street uses Hope Cleaning because their infrastructure makes it easy for us to communicate with tenants and owners. They make our job easy. (Plus they do a great job cleaning!) 


Stay At Home Mom

A clean house is a little bit of sanity for me.  Sometimes I just have to get out of here... coming back to see it clean is breath of fresh air.  

NOTE: These quotes are from real clients and staff.  We've changed their names or only partially shared their info  as we value providing discreet and professional service to our clients.  We work for people you've heard of, but they keep hiring us because we don't talk about it. 

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