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Our cutting edge technology is  SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

4Ward Innovations is Hope Cleaning's specialty disinfection arm. Our state of the art electrostatic disinfection process out performs every other competitor on the market without the use of harmful bleach and chemicals. When you choose 4Ward Innovations, you can be confident that you are making the safe and effective choice. 

Fogging demo

Fogging demo

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Why choose our method? 



Our product is effective against a broad spectrum of microbes while keeping you safe. After doing the hard work of sanitizing, our product breaks down to table salt, unlike toxic chemicals like bleach.

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Our product is certified to kill over 37 viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. In fact it instantly kills 99.999% of environmental germs.

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We use a unique electrostatic fogging application that charges every particle as it exits the machine. This gives our solution a "magnet-like" effect so that your entire surface is sanitized. 

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We have been experts in the sanitizing industry for years and we know what we're doing! Our certified techs are trained rigorously with our equipment and products to deliver the highest quality service.

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This product is a life saver! We had to close our day care due to a flu outbreak among our kids. 4Ward Innovations came in with their specialized process and completely sanitized our entire facility (including the toys!). We were able to open up again the next morning knowing our kids and staff would be safe and healthy! 

- Barb, Facility Co-ordinator

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